The main advantages of women with fairly long hair or with a long hairstyle are the ability to create different hairstyles, for example, simply with laying on loose hair, with a braid, knot, tail and other curly haircuts or stitches. And both traditional and experimental styling and haircuts are no longer an innovation for the modern society of secular lionesses. Today, a woman is ready for daily change, trying on a variety of images.

Looking at the modern industry of beauty and hair care, it seems that there is nothing to be surprised at. Everything has been known for a long time and absolutely new models of hairstyles will not be offered. Especially in conditions of constant fashion repetition, for example, today the standard hit of the season is the volumetric hair styling - a la 70's.

Advantages of voluminous hair styling

The main advantages of volumetric hair styling are that it looks perfect on long hair and shorter hair lengths. It will be impossible, probably only on ultrashort haircuts.

Interestingly, the simplest volumetric stacking is done perfectly without using any tricks and secrets. The most difficult of the styling models will require the use of a round comb or comb for a scallop type comb. Also you can not do without a hairdryer.

Volumetric styling can be done on all hair, and can be applied only to the bangs, when the rest of the hair is formed into the ponytail. In addition to the large hairstyle, fine curls are fine, even though styling can also be formed on straightened hair. Variants of decorating the voluminous hair styling are also mass. For this, different accessories in the form of bandages, rims, pins, studs, ornamental flowers, etc. are perfectly suited.

How to do bulk styling by yourself

Before you can form the simplest volumetric styling, you need to wash your hair by diligently wetting them with a towel. Then you need to apply mousse for styling. After combing, the head needs to be tilted down, throwing the hair, which is dried with a hair dryer, lightly beating them with a hand like a pillow. Dried hair should be slightly combed, in order to avoid the effect of confusion. Fixing the hair with varnish, we get an easy volumetric hair styling.

The round brush for styling and hair dryer will help us to solve a more difficult task. Especially useful are round combs for those who wear a haircut on a bean-page. Just like in the first case, you need to thoroughly wash your head, dry your hair with a towel, comb them all along the length and apply a foam to your hair. Drying hair with a hair dryer comes from the roots, but without the comb. It is important to use your hands to whisk your hair from the bottom up in the direction. When the initial volume is reached, the round comb is already modeled with the final shape. To do this, the hair consistently, stranded behind the strand, dried with a hair dryer and during the drying they curl upwards.

Volumetric styling is also done by the method of combing. In this case, each individual strand is combed, the main thing is that the hand holding the strand moves from the roots to the tips simultaneously with the comb, and the hair is passed through the fingers.

The maximum volume should be given to the occipital part. When you get the right volume, the hair is smoothed with your hands or brush, but do not completely comb out. But the tips still need to be combed, otherwise an untidy look will be created. Lateral and temporal strands should be fixed slightly above the occiput, and the final result should be fixed with lacquer.

How to give the volume of the bang

If there is a desire, the volume can be given to a bang that perfectly fades and with loose hair, and with a selected tail or curly braid. Bulky bangs today are used by many Hollywood and domestic stars both on seysheny and fashion events, as well as at solemn ceremonies. However, hairstyles are made by fashionable stylists, and we can perfectly cope with ourselves.

After washing your head, drying the hair with a towel, you should separate the bangs and the next strand on the parietal area, and then stab them together in the form of a horseshoe on the head. The rest of the hair is dried with a hair dryer using a round comb, after which the pinched bangs dissolve. The hair on the bang is dried with a hair dryer, lifting them from the roots with a round brush to get the maximum volume.

Then, strands separated from the bangs, fixed on the parietal zones, are combed from the side of the head - back and fixed as high as possible. To obtain an additional volume of bangs, you can still scratch a little from the roots, and the long ends are combed up, zakolov them at the gum( if a tail is made) to hide the hairpin. To keep the hairstyle longer, it needs to be fixed with varnish.

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