To date, it has become extremely fashionable to curl your straight hair. Conversely, straighten curly. It's pretty strange, but almost all the girls are trying to change the structure of the hair, given to them by Mother Nature.

Very often, girls do not understand that curly hair is a very rare gift, they are possessed by only 10% of all girls of our planet. It is worthwhile to understand that the curls in no way inferior to straight hair. All the girls are unique, and changing this uniqueness to fashionable and intricate hairstyles sometimes seems ungrateful.

Rules for the care of curly hair

Undoubtedly, curly hair requires more complex care and greater patience than straight curls. Remember the simple rules that are necessary in order to properly care for your hair, to preserve their health and not to lose the natural beauty of their curls.

Rule number 1.Curly hair is very often prone to dryness. Therefore, one of the basic rules for caring for them is the proper selection of shampoo.

In no case is it advisable to buy a shampoo that gives your hair volume. The best option is a shampoo designed specifically for your hair type. Find a shampoo is not easy, and instead you can use shampoo for dry or dry to dry hair. It is necessary that the shampoo well moisturizes the hair and nourishes them with much needed vitamins. Then your hair will look healthy and well-groomed.

Rule number 2.One good shampoo, unfortunately, will not be enough. For curly hair is recommended to use a balm rinse. With his help, combing your hair will be less problematic, different pain sensations will disappear. The best option is to buy a shampoo and conditioner for one company and a series, as they will mutually benefit each other when caring for your precious hair.

Rule number 3.Sometimes it will be useful to pamper your hair with special moisturizing masks, this will return them the lost energy and shine, allow you to relax from the effects of shampoos and rinse.

Rule number 4.Say no to highlights! Curly hair is already too dry, and melioration will completely "finish" them. Your hair will become brittle, even drier. The hair will cease to seem natural.

Rule number 5.Washing curly too often is not recommended, do it preferably 1-2 times a week or as they become dirty and discomfort.

Rule No. 6.Comb the hair gently and only after washing your hair. It is known that a person loses about 100 hair a day, so do not be afraid of a bundle of torn hair when combing, this is absolutely normal.

Rule number 7.If possible, discard irons, hair dryers and plaques. When used, you destroy their natural structure, make the hair dry and brittle. To give the hair the right volume, it is better to use a special quality foam or hair gel.

Care for curly hair, no doubt, heavier and more uncomfortable than behind straight curls. But if you give enough work and patience to this cause, then save your hair in unusual beauty, fill them with energy. Hair will look healthy and well-groomed. Then a lot of enthusiastic looks on the street or work you can not avoid. I wish you health and good luck!

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