Shoes are an essential part of the wardrobe. It should not only be comfortable, but also beautiful. After all, an incorrectly chosen model can destroy the integrity of the image.

Each fashionista has in her wardrobe a huge amount of the most diverse shoes: shoes, shoes, sneakers, ballet flats, sandals. In cold weather, you can not do without boots. They reliably warm their feet, they are great for long coats or fur coats.

When choosing shoes, you need to pay attention not only to the size, but also to the fullness of the foot. Even the most beautiful, but uncomfortable model can be a vain purchase. It is possible to pick up the boots in full accordance with the trends of fashion, and at the same time very comfortable to wear.


  1. Features of full-height boots
  2. Models of full-height boots
  3. Colors

Features of full-foot boots

Full-legged boots should be primarily comfortable. Too close model will quickly lose its attractive appearance, in addition, it will cause consid

erable discomfort. When choosing the following parameters should be considered:

  1. Material of manufacture. Boots made of soft leather or suede wear a foot shape while wearing. Natural material is characterized by excellent properties, has a high wear resistance.
  2. Height of boots. The ideal length is below the knee line. Too high boots will look cumbersome. A model with a short top can draw attention to problem areas.
  3. Width of the shaft. Particular attention should be paid to the area of ​​calves, boots should be freely fastened, without unnecessary strain. If there are difficulties, then in time the lightning will disperse. Perfectly proven models with elastic inserts, lacing. In this case, you can independently adjust the width of the shaft.
  4. Heel height. Boots should have a wide steady heel. It can not be too high, in no case is the "hairpin" recommended. In turn, the flat sole will make the image heavier.
  5. Shape of boots. You can visually narrow the silhouette of the boots with the help of vertical lines. These can be decorative bootlegs in leather with contrasting colors. It looks good embroidered pattern with a predominance of flowing lines. The toe of the shoe should not be long and sharp, it is better if it has a neat rounded shape.
  6. Decorative details. Boots should have a laconic form without unnecessary details: buckles, buttons, brushes, fringe, rhinestones. They make the image heavier. The only exception is lacing.

Models of full-height boots

You can wear boots full-length at any time of the year, they perfectly match with many items of the wardrobe. You can choose an option for any image.

Classic model

Represents a traditional version of footwear. This model with a convenient shoe. Wide heel of medium height. The sole is made of quality materials, does not slip and does not crack. Wide boot from leather or suede, possibly combined surface. Practically perfect fit is achieved with the help of the following elements: elastic inserts, zipper, lacing, velcro.

The classic model fits perfectly with straight-fitting trousers. The skirt can be any length and silhouette.

Light boots can be worn in the spring or autumn with a coat, jacket. In cold weather shoes should have a heater in the form of natural fur. Winter boots can be worn with a sheepskin coat or a down coat. Especially luxurious ensemble with a long coat.

Straight boots

Very popular models with a high free top. Boots have the same width along the entire length. Straight lines create a stern silhouette, while distracting attention from the problem zone of the legs. The prototype of this model are hunting boots.

This kind of shoes must be combined with tight trousers, jeans. You can complement the image of a three-dimensional jacket that covers the thigh line. Outer clothing can be any: a jacket, a coat of medium length.

Cowboy boots

A perfect version of shoes for the off-season. The boots have a wide boot with a V-neck. He visually pulls out the silhouette. It is better to look shoes of reserved tones without bright inserts, extra decorative details.

Cowboy boots perfectly combined with jeans. The skirt should be long, with a lot of folds. It can be supplemented with a jumper or blouse. As an accessory, a wide belt and long beads will look good. The boots fit well with a denim jacket.

Boots with lacing

You can choose a model with a high bootleg on the lacing, which is located either at the top of the boots, or along the entire length. Footwear is remarkable in that it allows the owner to adjust the width of the shaft. Slightly rough performance can soften the feminine outfit.

Lace-up boots work well with a dress made from lightweight fabrics. In the cold season it is recommended to complement the air dress with a warm jacket or cardigan.

This shoe model perfectly matches with trousers of any shape. As the outer clothing, the following options are considered: volumetric jackets, coats of different lengths. The image can be supplemented with a large bag or backpack.


Traditionally, boots with full leg have a restrained color scheme. Dark tones have the ability to visually narrow the silhouette. Popular colors: black, dark blue, brown, saturated gray, burgundy, dark purple. In addition, vertical inserts made of shiny leather or suede can be used.

Boots on full leg should combine beauty and convenience. It is necessary to think in advance of the possibility of combining with various items of the wardrobe. You should opt for a model that is combined with several clothing options. Hence, it is better to buy shoes from high-quality material of restrained color.

The abundance of decorative details will attract attention to the problem zone, it is better to refuse them. As an accessory to boots it is recommended to choose a bag of similar color scale, so that there is no sharp contrast in the image.