Definitely a witch! Green-eyed brunette Esmeralda conquered the hearts of three such dissimilar men. And today beautiful esmeralds charm and beckon with their bright, unusual beauty. How correctly to submit it?

A green-eyed brunette is a winter type. However, the dark-haired green-eyed can have both a light skin, and dark as a skin of a cold shade, and warm. Some green eyes are holders of warm, honey or olive skin and a golden hue of hair. They should be attributed to the warm color-type "spring".

Base colors of brunette makeup with green eyes

Picking up the colors of powder and tonal basis, brunettes with green eyes should be guided by their native skin tone. The tonal remedy should be tone in tone to the native shade of the skin and emphasize the sub stance. You should not choose tonal remedies darker than your skin tone. For light skin, choose a neutral beige, for absolutely light - ivory and white, for a swarthy - a shade of ocher, tobacco, flesh with a slight pink tint.

The color of the blush should be selected strictly according to the shade of the skin and the color of the lipstick. Give preference to pink and beige gamma if the skin is light. If it's dark - choose golden, honey, beige-brown and sandy blush.

How to dye the eyes and lips

In eye makeup, you should consider your eye color. For all green-eyed brunettes the colors are suitable: gray-pink, beige-pink, smoky gray and brown tones, beige, emerald, purple and violet. Perfectly emphasizes the green eyes palette of blue-blue shades. In addition, golden sparks will emphasize makeup in silvery tones, green makeup accentuates in gold, bronze, ocher tones.

For gray-green eyes, shades of light gray, pink, green, blue, purple are preferred. For bright green eyes without admixtures of gray or gold, tones of terracotta, purple and coral will suit. For eyes with gold sparks, the blue shades of shades, pinkish, gray, buffy, purple and violet will suit. The beige-brown range is universal.

Mascara is best used in black. If the skin has a warm tone and the hair has golden sparkles, try brown mascara. Green-eyed brunette is perfect for make-up using a pencil of black, brown, ocher flowers.

As for the make-up of lips, dark pink and coral shades will adorn women of a cold type, and green-eyed women with warm skin tones are ideal for pink, red, berry. For daytime make-up use gentle shades, for evening - more saturated. This is the basic rule of Esmeralda's makeup.

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