Jewelry with semiprecious stones was worn even in the times of Ancient Egypt and Babylon. Eastern beauties, queens and priestesses of various deities wore bracelets and rings before rituals and on holidays. Earrings with turquoise used the greatest success.

This mineral is called a stone of the winners, it is believed that it brings happiness, legends go about it and make up myths. Turquoise is considered to be a female mineral. Solid rock, opaque, surprising blue with longitudinal gray, and sometimes black streaks. He was considered a symbol of water - the female element, dedicated to the moon goddesses.

Turquoise is popular today. Earrings from this stone are suitable for both young girls and women in their ages.

To which the earrings with turquoise

fit. Jewelry, as well as accessories, is selected not only for the outfit, but also for the type of skin, hair and eye color. Turquoise is a bright stone, and the wearing of earrings with this mineral can not go to all.

By the type of appearan

ce of turquoise is suitable:

  1. Blondes or girls with light blond hair, gray or blue eyes. They usually have rather fair skin. Turquoise will emphasize the color of the eyes, and on the background of golden hair it will look very elegant.
  2. Bright brunettes with curly hair and dark eyes. These women also have thin white skin. Turquoise will create an advantageous contrast, will give appearance a certain gypsy color.
  3. Also turquoise is perfect for brownies, let the contrast will not be so bright, but it will give charm.

Turquoise is not suitable:

  1. Redheaded women. They usually have greenish or even yellow "cat's" eyes. The blue color of the stone does not fit this scale at all. Earrings with turquoise will distract attention from the woman's face.
  2. Swarthy brunettes. Next to the turquoise earrings, the skin will become painful.
  3. To ashen blondes or girls using hair dye of such a cold scale. Turquoise is simply lost on this background.

How to choose earrings from turquoise by age

  • To young girls from 16 to 21 years. Young ladies are not discreet decorations. It can be just earrings "carnations", or "droplets" in a silver frame with tiny zircons.
  • Women under 40 years. In the office and at business meetings you can wear earrings-plaques of turquoise in silver with filigree. But for a walk with friends or just for everyday wear, you can choose slightly elongated earrings, from three differently-sized beads, or earrings-bunches of turquoise fragments. For the evening, you can choose some original design, for example, little cut pieces of stone in a silver spiral on a French buckle.
  • Women after 40 years. These ladies are suitable for large earrings of turquoise oval or diamond-shaped with minimal cut. They are in good harmony with the ring of the same design.

Fashionable and stylish models of

Jewelry with this mineral is made, given the features of the stone. First of all, we are talking about the dark veins in the turd surface. More often jewelers use a young mineral, where the stains in the stone are not so noticeable. Of them, round beads are sharpened. Often earrings and collect from such round pebbles. But for large ornaments they take already mature turquoise.

Another thing: turquoise is very rarely sent to gold. The yellow gloss of the metal emphasizes the uneven structure of the stone, and it begins to look like an old breed in a new frame. This does not look aesthetically pleasing. Option can be a rim of white gold.

More often turquoise is sent with silver or even with ordinary silver. One of the classic trends is to insert into the rich silver frame with filigree the oval plaques of this mineral. Another trend, quite the opposite of the first, is a minimal design. The frame is very thin, so that only the stone itself can be seen.

How and with what to wear earrings with turquoise

Turquoise calmly tolerates the neighborhood with transparent stones, for example, zircons. They add shine to silver, and give the most turquoise a more noble look. But with other semi-precious stones turquoise is combined poorly. It just dims against their background.

Very rarely someone is advised to wear whole sets of turquoise. She has a rich color, and when a woman puts on at once beads, earrings, a bracelet and a ring, decorations become too pretentious and look hard, even tasteless.

It is recommended to wear a turquoise earring complete with a ring or bracelet. But not more. Even the combination of earrings with beads is already too massive. Option can be a thin necklace, where there are only a few small pebbles in the metal. If you pick up the earrings in the same style, the kit will turn out to be very elegant, suitable for an evening out "into the light."

It is worthwhile to add that any earrings with turquoise are by no means worn with outfits in the blue range. Ornaments will merge with clothes, the whole image will become too homogeneous. It is better to wear earrings with clothes in white or black. Another turquoise will perfectly emphasize the order of color of milk or dark chocolate with silvery notes. This is a good option for a party.