Vacuum cleaning is one of the simplest cosmetology procedures, aimed at cleansing the skin of contaminants, sebaceous plugs, keratinized particles. Vacuum cleaning is a part of the basic procedures for the care of oily and problem skin.

This procedure is carried out using a device with a special tip that acts as a sucker, literally pulling all the contaminants out. In this case, the device not only cleanses the skin, but also stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow. The procedure itself is completely painless and less traumatic, which, of course, is one of its main advantages.

Vacuum face cleaning is carried out at the following indications:

  1. Oily skin. With mechanical methods of treatment, oily skin is severely injured, as a result of which the sebaceous glands begin to work more actively, thus protecting themselves from invasion of the skin. Vacuum cleaning is low-traumatic, does not harm pores and sebaceous glands.
  2. Greasy stoppers and black dots. Apparatus for vacuum cleaning a
    cts as a vacuum cleaner, and after preliminary steaming, this "vacuum cleaner" literally drains from the skin all the dirt that clogs the pores and interferes with the normal breathing of the skin. Sometimes some hard-to-reach places can be cleaned only with a vacuum device. Such problem areas include the wings of the nose and chin.
  3. Uneven, bumpy skin relief. A similar problem occurs quite often, but women try to correct the situation with the help of creams, which in the end turn out to be ineffective. Lymphatic drainage effect of vacuum massage will not be able to provide any of the existing creams.

Contraindications to vacuum cleaning:

  1. Dry skin with dilated vessels and couperose. Since the apparatus for vacuum massage literally sucks dirt from the skin, the problems with the vessels can worsen. The fact is that vacuum cleaning improves blood circulation, which is extremely undesirable at such a problem. In addition, a dry skin vacuum can easily be injured.
  2. Severe inflammation, expressed in acne. If the skin contains foci of inflammation, then vacuum cleaning can only exacerbate the situation.

The number of vacuum cleaning procedures is unlimited. With oily skin it is carried out about once a month, normal skin is cleansed every two months. Usually vacuum cleaning is supplemented with other procedures, for example, peeling.

Vacuum cleaning today can be carried out not only in the cabin, but also at home. Apparatus for vacuum cleaning are available for free sale, however, before starting a home cleaning it is recommended to consult a beautician.

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