It's no secret that activated carbon can purify the body in the shortest possible time, absorbing toxic substances like sponges. At the same time, it is natural and safe, its basis is processed wood and coal. It can be used for water purification, and for fighting diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and for losing weight. But few people know that coal perfectly cleanses black dots and copes with other skin problems.

Nothing surprising, it is really possible to prepare simple and effective face masks from activated charcoal independently, at home. The huge plus of masks with the use of coal is that they not only struggle with various skin problems of the face, but also gradually reduce them to none.

Activated charcoal for beauty and health of the skin of the face

Problems that coal can handle:

  • "Black dots".Due to its absorbent properties, activated charcoal literally "draws" dirt from clogged pores.
  • Extended pores. As a result of long-term use( at least 2-3 courses) of coal masks, th
    e pores will be significantly narrowed.
  • Greasy shine. Already after 2-3 procedures, the mask with charcoal will make the face more opaque.
  • Unevenness on the face. A long course will allow you to smooth out the tone of the face, relieve roughness and post-acne.
  • Acne. Here, coal acts more like a warning of rashes, rather than as a cure. However, the regular use of masks from coal will significantly reduce the risk of acne.

So, firstly, you should remember: the mask of coal is not suitable for those who have dry or very sensitive skin, but is ideal for owners of dilated pores, "black spots", oily or combination skin. Secondly, you should not flatter yourself if the results are visible after the first procedure. A mask is best used by the course - not less than 8 weeks( 2 months), once a week. The course can be repeated with a break of 2-2.5 months, focusing on the condition of the skin of the face.

Recipes for home face masks with activated carbon

There are incredibly many ways to prepare masks from coal at home, so almost any woman will be able to find a prescription at her discretion. The most popular are coal masks with rose water, gelatin, aloe juice, yogurt and clay.

It should be noted right away that the time for which they need to be applied can not be determined exactly. Remove the mask should be when it dries to the point that it can be removed, like a film.

Optimal for all the recipe does not exist, to choose the most effective, you need to try the mask with different composition.

Mask with charcoal and rose water

Grind 5 tablets of activated charcoal, mix with 50 ml of rose water and 2 drops of essential oil of argan. Aligns the skin tone and softens it.

Mask with charcoal and gelatin

10 pounded tablets pour 20 ml of milk or water, add 15 mg of gelatin. Stir until a homogeneous consistency is formed without "lumps", reheat for half a minute in a microwave. Then cool to room temperature and apply to the face. Such a mask will clear the pores and destroy the black dots.

Mask with charcoal and green clay

8-9 tablets of coal to crush and mix with one dessert spoon of green cosmetic clay( it can be bought at the pharmacy), pour water and mix to the state of a liquid gruel. Preheat in a water bath for 10-15 minutes. This mask effectively softens and cleanses the skin.

Mask with charcoal and yoghurt

Juice squeezed from a quarter of a lemon, mix with 4 crushed activated carbon tablets and 4 teaspoons of natural yogurt without additives. Helps to cope with wrinkles and pigmented spots, smooths the tone of the face.

Mask with charcoal and aloe juice

Add 5 drops of almond essential oil and 10 ml of aloe juice to a mixture of 10 crushed coal tablets and a pinch of sea salt. Mix until pulp is formed without lumps, dilute with water if necessary. After a two-week course of daily application of this mask, you can get rid of acne and black spots.

Rules for the use of masks with activated carbon

Do not be afraid of experiments, because you can invent recipes for masks yourself, adding coal, for example, to the usual cleansing masks, including in store.

Cook and apply carbon masks should be very carefully, after making sure that no component is allergic, that the products are not overdue( you should not overlook the fact that coal also has a shelf life).Owners of thin or sensitive skin it is desirable to conduct a simple test for an allergic reaction: apply for 15-20 minutes a mask on the wrist.

To avoid irritation due to dust or microparticles of dirt, before applying the mask, you should thoroughly wash your face with soap or a cleansing gel. However, the scrub should not be used - it can injure the skin, and the effect of the mask can be unpredictable. It is better to wash with warm or hot water, so that the pores expand, and the mask is easier to clean.

Apply the mask with a thick layer and, preferably, a brush - you can use a special cosmetic brush, or you can use the usual brush for drawing( it is important to remember: the brush should be thoroughly washed immediately after applying the mask, then the pile does not deteriorate, and the brush can be reused).Applying the mask, you need to make sure that it dries evenly, and add more mixture to some areas as needed.

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