If you choose mascara, then think not only about the result that you want to get as a result( long, bulky or thick eyelashes), but also about how good the product is.

Therefore, when choosing carcasses, it is necessary to pay attention to the following criteria:

Odor. Once you open the ink - smell it. If the smell is completely absent, or there is a sufficiently weak aroma of wax that is part of the composition, then the ink is qualitative. If from the carcass comes a very unpleasant, sharp, sour, pungent smell, then it can harm the health of your eyelids or eyes. It is this aroma that can occur in carcasses in case its expiration date is coming to an end, or it was stored in the wrong conditions, or it is made of dangerous and harmful chemical components.

Texture. The next thing you need to pay attention to is the texture of the carcass. It should be a consistency not too liquid, but at the same time not too thick. Take the mascara tester and draw a brush in the palm of your hand. If

in the case of such an experiment mascara leaves small lumps, begins to spread, it falls unevenly, it means that it is of poor quality or expired, and in the end it will not last long, it will crumble and print on the eyelids. Mascara of good quality should lie flat, completely from the roots to the tips of dye your eyelashes and not crumble.

Composition. When choosing mascara, carefully read what is written on the package. Since the desired result depends directly on the composition of the carcass.

And a few more tips on how to choose the right mascara for you.

  • If there is a chance of an allergic reaction, then choose mascara that has the label "sensitive".The composition of this mascara includes a minimum amount of parabens, as well as components with moisturizing properties that will not allow the cilia to dry out. The acidity level( pH) of the carcass is equal to the pH level of the lacrimal fluid, so this mascara will not cause allergic reactions. In the composition of this carcass there should be no harmful unpleasant perfumed perfume, which contributes to the appearance of an inflammatory reaction. If you want to check if you are allergic to certain mascara, then apply a small amount of it to the ear lobe. In the event that after 30 minutes on the earlobe there is no redness, inflammation or itching, it does not swell, which means that this mascara is suitable for you.
  • If you are the owner of short eyelashes, then you are best suited for special mascara, which contributes to the growth of eyelashes. The composition of this carcass includes vitamins, as well as proteins and active moisturizing components. This mascara is safe for your health and does not contain hormones. With the regular use of such mascara for eyelashes in a week cilia can grow anywhere by 3 mm or more.
  • If you want to go to the beach without washing off the mascara. Especially for such a case, cosmetics manufacturers came up with waterproof mascara. If the mascara is water resistant, then on the package there is a note "moisture-proof" or "water-proof".This mascara is well-kept on cilia with various water procedures thanks to the special components that are contained in it. These are special emulsions with polyvinyl acetate, forming a film on eyelashes, as well as resins that repel water. In order to remove from the cilia such mascara, it is necessary to use a special two-phase liquid, which includes water and oils.
  • If you have long and at the same time rare cilia, then you can use mascara marked "volume".The effect of volumetric eyelashes is achieved due to a sufficiently large amount of wax and paraffin, which are part of the carcass and enveloped in a thick layer of each eyelash. In addition to these substances, the composition of this carcass with the effect of volume can include panthenol, collagen, silicone and various vitamins.

Brush. If you have short and thin eyelashes, it is better to buy mascara with a thin brush and rare bristles;if you have thick eyelashes - with a thick brush;if you have rare cilia - with a thick spiral brush.

Remember that the expiration date for mascara is 3 months. Do not use it for longer, as this can cause allergies.

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