Wrinkles are quite a burning issue for many people who are worried about their appearance. But this problem, like many others associated with beauty and health, is surrounded by a variety of myths and ideas that are only partially true. Doctors dispel some of them and warn of what it is worth to be afraid of in fact.

1. Runs are the cause of wrinkles

This is a myth. The skin does not age because people exercise. It grows old because the skin tends to lose elasticity. And this, of course, is true for the person.

There are two main causes that lead to the appearance of wrinkles: insufficient moisture and loss of collagen. And both of them are not conditioned by activity or movements.

Most likely, wrinkles after jogging are the result of exposure to ultraviolet rays. The solution to this problem will not be the refusal to run, but the simple use of sunscreen.

2. Sleep on the abdomen leads to the appearance of wrinkles

Among the myths about the appearance of wrinkles, this rather st

upid myth is not the last. Wrinkles are not formed on the skin only because the face lies on the pillow. The only fact is that when we are young, the "prints" of the pillow tend to disappear almost immediately after lifting, because there is more collagen in the skin, but in adulthood they can last quite a long time.

3. Exercises for the face can prevent wrinkles

True. Exercises help prevent wrinkles on the forehead and generally keep the facial skin toned.

But there is some unexpectedness. Usually these same exercises can emphasize some facial wrinkles. So, exercises - a double-edged sword, and you need to use them with caution.

4. Weight loss can cause skin sagging

This is a fact. The cause of wrinkles after weight loss is the loss of fat in the skin of the face. The person "behaves" in this case in the same way as all other parts of the body. If you lose weight, the skin that "stretched" in its time to store fat, returns to its original position, only now the skin has become "too much."

Therefore, the skin after losing weight needs to be toned. And even in this case, age plays a role: it's easier to avoid sagging when you are young.

5. There are tools that help to overcome wrinkles

True. Creams with retinol, collagen and vitamin C can be a valuable help in the fight against wrinkles. In addition, such funds will improve the overall skin condition, helping to renew the epidermis.

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