Among all the types of peeling on a special place is glycolic. Its advantage over others is security. This method does not harm your skin, since it contains a special glycolic acid.

It can be found in a variety of various cosmetics. The alpha hydroxy acids to which this acid belongs are found in a variety of skin care products, usually they improve its color, and also normalize the texture.

Pros and cons of glycol peeling

Everyone knows that the choice of cosmetics is quite a complicated matter. However, among the benefits of glycolic peeling there is one that makes its use acceptable to absolutely any skin, exceptions are very rare. No matter what problems you are concerned with - if you have very light skin with freckles that easily burn in the sun, or if you are dark enough, peeling with glycolic acid is suitable in any case.

Glycolic peeling is a relatively gentle cosmetic procedure, so in the normal case, you should not expect that it will change something radically. In case you want to t

ouch the deep layers of the skin that are behind the epidermis, you should use a deep chemical peeling - it is incomparably more aggressive, which allows you to touch the very depths of the skin.

Glycolic peeling is not a very effective remedy for wrinkles or pigment spots. Of course, it can help in some cases, but if you are already old, it is better to turn to more serious means. Glycolic peeling is used, for example, if you need to lighten freckles, or some other way to make the skin more even, and its color - uniform.

About glycolic acid

Glycolic acid is produced from sugar cane. It is deservedly considered one of the most popular fruit acids. The most common place of its use was and remains peeling, as the largest cosmeticians of the world have long understood how useful it is for all skin types. Moreover, this means, despite its effectiveness, has practically no side effects.

Usually in creams, as well as other skin care products, the content of this acid does not exceed a couple of percent, and this is enough to provide you with health and a great appearance for a long time. If you need a peeling, then there will be much more glycolic acid in it. Just imagine what a significant beneficial effect will have on your skin a peeling with an acid content, say, eighty percent.

The mechanism of action of glycol peeling is quite simple. The fact is that on our skin constantly accumulates a fairly large number of very different unpleasant things, one of which are dead cells of the epidermis. If you do not remove them in time, they will significantly spoil your appearance. Glycolic peeling successfully copes with this task. Thus, almost any unpleasant formations on the skin, for example, small wrinkles, or other signs of aging, will be successfully removed. Pigmented spots, which are a scourge of women, whose age is approaching the "average" mark, will also be discolored. Even acne, a disease that is incredibly difficult to get rid of, will get a serious blow from glycolic acid. It is useful to use this peeling also in the event that after an unsuccessful removal of acne there are scars.

Another advantage of glycol peeling is its ability to successfully combat changes in skin properties, both age-related and those that have emerged as a result of weather. This is achieved by increasing the amount of collagen produced, the amount of which determines the elasticity of your skin. Wrinkles on the skin appear precisely because of the decrease in the amount of collagen.

How to do face peeling with glycolic acid

As already mentioned at the beginning, glycol peeling is simple and safe. Moreover, the procedure does not take much time. First, with the help of a special substance( for example, acetone solution), the skin areas to be peeled are then cleaned. No need for anesthesia, because this procedure is absolutely painless, the maximum that you can feel is some discomfort, because sometimes, getting on the skin, glycolic acid causes burning. Then the chemical peel is applied to the skin, first on the upper part of the face, then on the lower face. In the end, the skin is wiped with a damp towel or treated with cold water.

If a few days after the procedure, the skin will be slightly redder than usual, - it's okay. And the increase in dryness should not bother you. It is best to use protective cosmetics for a while after the procedure, since the skin after peeling is vulnerable enough to external influences.

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