Aloe vera has always been considered a good cosmetic remedy for restoring skin, returning youth, strength, elasticity and health. Extract of this plant in its composition contain many cosmetics for skin care of the face, body and hair. But there is a cheaper way to get a healing remedy - to prepare a substance at home. And if you have such a house plant growing on the window, then the mask of aloe will not cost you anything.

The use of aloe for skin

The pulp of the plant contains a nutritious liquid( juice), in which there are a lot of vitamins and other useful components. This liquid has excellent anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and cleansing properties. Everyone knows that a small plate of fresh plant flesh promotes the rapid removal of suppuration from the wound, also affects the regeneration of tissues( which leads to the rapid healing of abscesses, burns or open wounds).The same curative effect is provided by aloe juice on the problem skin.

Means with an extract of an aloe can be applied not o

nly in radical cases, but also as daily care of a skin. This promotes constant nutrition, moisturizing tissues, normalizing the work of the sebaceous glands. It is a good daily antiseptic, regenerator and cleaner. As a result of the daily use of such remedies, you never remember what is oily or tight skin, pimples and other inflammation.

Aloe vera remedies have no age limitations and affect any condition of the tissues. For mature skin, the plant extract is useful in the repair of cell membranes, additional nutrition and rejuvenation of tissues, as well as for general toning of the skin.

Cooking Aloe Vera

We need fresh juice from the leaves of the plant. For this, we choose fleshy old processes closer to the base( these shoots are more saturated with useful substances).Your room plant should be at least three years old, otherwise the miracle of the extract will not be complete. Before cutting off the shoots, the plant should preferably be watered for 14 days.

Cut my leaves from the plant, caress them in boiled water, wrap them in a paper towel, a napkin or cloth and send it to the refrigerator( for 10-14 days).Why this, you ask? But under such conditions, a special biostimulator begins to develop in the leaves, which induces cells to metabolize and restore, blocking the process of aging and tissue death. And this is very important for the fading skin.

When the "aging" time has elapsed, skip the prepared aloe leaves through the meat grinder, squeeze the juice, strain the liquid and place it again in the refrigerator. The substance can be used for the next 14 days. The extract can be applied directly to the skin with a cotton swab or add to the main cosmetic facial skin care product( cream, mask, tonic, milk).

Cosmetics with aloe extract

The most lazy people can not philosophize craftily and simply wipe their face with a cotton swab dipped in liquid or directly with a piece of pulp. For those who have the time, we offer several recipes for skin care products on the face, where besides other medicinal components are added.

Aloe for different skin types

Oily skin. Ingredients: 2 tsp juice plant, 1 hour spoon juice fresh lemon, whipped egg white 1 chicken egg. Mix all the ingredients. Now we put the product on the skin, first the first layer, after a few minutes( when it slightly softens) - the second and so on, until you spend all the composition. After 20-30 minutes the mask can be washed off.

Normal skin. Ingredients: half-chicken, aloe and sour cream in equal proportions. Mix the ingredients, apply the mask on the face layers. After 20 minutes after applying the last layer, the product is rinsed off with warm water.

Dry skin. Ingredients: in a proportion of one to one, mix in a small container of aloe, honey, glycerin, boiled water and oatmeal. Apply the mask to the face in one coat and let stand for 20 minutes.

Problem and inflamed skin. Here we need a gauze cloth and an aloe extract. We impregnate the tissue with juice, apply on face and stand for 30 minutes. After the expiration of time, the remnants of the product from the skin should not be washed off.

Aloe mask for toning

Ingredients: honey and plant juice in a ratio of 2 to 1. In a water bath, melt and lightly heat the honey, then add aloe. Stir and the resulting substance for 15-20 minutes apply to the skin of the face. You can wash off the remnants of the mask with water at room temperature.

Aloe for facial rejuvenation

Ingredients: aloe, avocado( or apricot) pulp of 1 tbsp.spoon, 2 teaspoons of olive oil. We crush the pulp of aloe, we separately prepare puree from the pulp of avocado or apricot. Then in a separate container, mix both the slurry and add the oil. Stirring. Apply to the face in one layer. After 20 minutes, rinse the remnants of the product with warm water.

What is the power?

It's hard to say whether there will be visible results on the skin after one application. But regular use of funds with an extract of aloe will help improve the condition of skin tissues. With constant use for all skin types, it is recommended to resort to such masks no more often than 1-2 times a week. If the funds with aloe are needed as medicinal, then you can set a schedule for three applications per week with a general course of 30-60 days.

The first obvious results of improving the condition of the skin of the face will manifest after a week of regular aloe nutrition. Fabrics become more elastic, elastic, tightened. The intensity of inflammation decreases, an acne rashes, fat gloss is eliminated, the skin remains moistened longer.

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