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An incredibly useful product - lentil - is domesticated along with barley, wheat and peas. Nourishing and rich in useful vitamins and minerals, the culture was found even in the tombs of the pharaohs.

Composition and benefits of

Composition and use of lentils Like other beans, lentils are practically devoid of fat, but they are very rich in easily digestible plant protein and fibers. Caloric content of cereals is 298 calories.

Due to the large protein content, lentils can easily replace bread, cereals and even meat. It is used for cooking porridges, soups, side dishes, salads and meat dishes.

The croup contains: manganese, copper, boron, iodine( useful for iodine deficiency), molybdenum, magnesium, zinc, cobalt, potassium, calcium, iron, folic acid, isoflavones, tryptophan and a large numb

er of complex carbohydrates. Lentil composition also includes vitamins A, B, PP, C, Omega-3 and 6.

The use of leguminous crops is:

  • Stimulation of metabolism and digestion;
  • Normalization of blood sugar;
  • Adjustment of the genitourinary system;
  • Increased immunity.
Dishes from lentils are useful in colic, ulcers of the stomach and duodenum. Tryptophan prevents the appearance of depression and increases mood, and Isoflavones prevent breast cancer.

Portions of finished lentils are enough to maintain the recommended daily intake of folic acid.

A unique feature of the legume culture is that, regardless of the degree of environmental pollution, it remains environmentally friendly. Before you decide how much to cook green and red lentils, you should understand how many types of lentils exist.

Types of

Types of lentils To truly appreciate all the privileges of lentils, you need to select it correctly. It is worth giving preference to cereals with whole grains, but its size, shape and color can vary depending on the type:

  • Green( French) lentils does not boil, keeps shape well, but inside it becomes soft. This sort of cereals is cooked up to 40 minutes. Her grains are very beautiful, so they are used to decorate salads;
  • Yellow lentils - cleared green. The cooking time for it is reduced to 15 minutes;
  • Red( Egyptian) lentils brewed very quickly - 10 minutes. It is ideal for making soups puree and as an additional ingredient in vegetable stew. In the stores of the grain, red lentils are usually found in chopped form;
  • Brown( gray) lentils going completely ripe. Preparing for 20-30 minutes. If the croup is overexposed on fire, it can turn into a mess. This is the only cultivar that should be soaked before cooking;
  • Black lentil( beluga) is the most exotic species. Small grains in appearance look like black caviar, they will be ready in 20 minutes. Black lentils are used in salads and soups as a highlight of the dish.

Different varieties of legume have a different color and taste from each other, so their choice influences the result of the final dish.
Lentils are often served with meat, rice, fish and spinach, sauerkraut or stewed cabbage, mushrooms or smoked meats. How correctly to extinguish cabbage, fresh and sauerkraut, we already wrote in our magazine.

Useful advices

Useful advice on how to cook lentils Lentils are tasty, healthy and nutritious. All kinds of legumes are cooked according to the same technology, only in time difference:

  • There is no need to sort the lentils, but if spoiled grains or obvious rubbish are seen, they are removed. The product is then washed under cold running water. To wash lentils it is necessary in a sieve or a colander with very small cells;
  • Lentils do not need to be soaked beforehand. It is enough to immediately send it to a pot of boiling water( so that the croup is not digested): 2 glasses of water have 1 glass of lentils;
  • When the contents of the saucepan boil, you need to reduce the heat and cook for 10 to 40 minutes( all depends on the type of lentils).A few minutes after the start of cooking on a slow fire, you need to open the lid, stir the croup and, if necessary, remove the film;
  • Five minutes before the ready to grind, you need to salt. If you do this at the beginning of cooking, the lentils will cook much longer;
  • When the croup becomes soft, it is ready for use.
If in lentils when cooking, when almost all the water has already absorbed, add a spoonful of any vegetable oil, then the surface of the grains will be tender and velvety.

In addition to salt, lentils like fragrant herbs and spices: garlic, cloves, zir, bay leaves, cumin, celery, ginger, sage, black pepper, rosemary. With their addition, the dish will take on the output an additional flavor of taste, and the beneficial properties of rosemary and cloves is known to everyone.

How to cook delicious lentils in the multi-wok

The recipe for cooking lentils in a multivariate There are a lot of options for satisfying and useful dishes made of lentils, and thanks to the appearance of multivarieties, their cooking has become even more interesting and easier. There are many recipes for how to cook lentils for garnish, but we will tell you about the most simple and popular.

For the most lentil recipe, the following ingredients are needed:

  • 200 g. Lentil;
  • 1 Bulgarian pepper;
  • 1 medium carrot;
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic;
  • 1 onion;
  • Sunflower oil;
  • Salt and spices to taste.

Turn on the "Frying" mode for 15 minutes, fill the bottom of the multiquark cup with oil and pour out the vegetables. Then set the "Buckwheat" mode, add lentils to the bowl, add water and wait for the cooking time to expire.

How to cook lentil soup

Lentil Soup Recipe One of the most popular recipes with lentils is lentil soup. The dish is suitable for an easy meal or a nutritious lunch.

Traditionally, soup is made from red lentils, but it is not important - you can use any variety, the main thing is to calculate the cooking time.

Before preparing the lentil soup, prepare the following set of products:

  • 3 potatoes;
  • 200 g of lentils;
  • 1 carrot;
  • 1 medium bulb;
  • 3 garlic cloves;
  • Olive oil;
  • Salt and condiments.

Pour the lentils with water and bring to a boil. Cook for 15 minutes over low heat. Then add the previously made roast of carrots and onions and diced potatoes. Cook for another 20 minutes. After removing the soup from the fire, squeeze out the garlic and insist 10 minutes.

Dishes from lentils - food for an amateur. But thanks to its taste and nutritional value, leguminous culture has won a worthy place in the diet of many families.

What to cook with chicken breast As we already mentioned above, a garnish made of lentils is ideal for any meat or fish. Even with her help, you can change the recipes that are familiar to us. For example, take a chicken recipe in an oven stuffed with rice, and add lentils instead of rice. Get a new original dish.

But if you are still afraid to experiment, then just cook the meat separately, following our recipes. For example, in this article you can find out what can be cooked from chicken fillet. And do not be afraid to add something to your recipe. After all, chicken meat allows you to create amazing dishes.

Video to help housewives

Lentil soup soup is a delicious simple dish.

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