water diet

Get acquainted with the new effective water diet: advice and recommendations of nutritionists

Water diet is based on the fact that an indispensable participant in all processes of life of the body becomes water. It takes part in all exchange processes: from the simplest, to the highly organized. All transport of useful substances, as well as the removal of metabolic products from the cells occurs in the form of dissolved compounds, the water removes from the body various toxic substances, both organic and inorganic in origin.

A correct understanding of the role of water in our body and the recognition of its positive effect on metabolism led dieticians to create an aquatic diet.

Water diet: principles of

Water diet is based on the principle - increased consumption of pure non-mineral and non-carbonated water in exactly the amount that is needed for a particular organism. And in the calculation does not take water, which is already included in any food product, as well as the wa

ter that we use as part of coffee, tea, compote and other drinks.

How to calculate

To correctly calculate the required amount of water per day, you need to divide the available weight by twenty. The number that turned out in the remainder and shows the amount of water your body needs for a day to purify and normalize metabolic processes.

When and how much to eat

Water diet is best done in the summer, when the most active release of metabolic products takes place, both through the kidneys, and through the skin and mucous membranes.

To ensure that a strong diet on the water does not overload the cardiovascular and excretory system, the time when a diet can be applied is limited to four weeks, after which the body needs a break for the same time.

During the water diet, it is recommended to take vitamin-polymer complex preparations because with the sweat and urine there is an active allocation of minerals necessary for the normal functioning of all systems and organs.

Positive impact of

This mode provides for evenly dividing all liquid during the day and taking water only at room temperature. Diet on the water allows you to normalize the skin and the work of the human gastrointestinal tract. Water diet will help get rid of extra pounds, normalize blood pressure, relieve joint pain and headaches.


The use of this diet is possible only with the preliminary consultation of a doctor who must make sure of the normal state of the urinary tract and kidneys. Also, a diet on water is not indicated for severe cardiovascular diseases. Consequently, the water diet can be used exclusively for preventive purposes, for the normalization of the metabolic process.