Scales for slimming

Regular weighing will help to lose weight faster

Psychologists and nutritionists have recently argued that the readings of the arrows of the scales cause additional stress, and the person, not seeing a positive trend, breaks off from the diet and again gaining weight. The time has come when the opinions are divided, and now most experts believe that it is easier to lose weight with weights. The facts that are provided in support of body weight measurers are indeed worthy of attention.

Weigh more often - you will lose weight faster

If you decide to adhere to the principle of "losing weight without weights" - then it works badly. Studies confirm that people with overweight, who were weighed every day, and without diets lost 6 kg per year. While those who did this once a week - only 3 kg, and who did not weigh at all - 2 kg. The result is easy to explain - women who are regularly weighed, try to keep themselves in check and control the number of servings, the calorie intake.

Tip. Make it a rule to be weighed daily and start a diary in which you enter all the data.

The simpler the scales - the better

If you decide to purchase expensive scales with a system of determining in your body the percentage of muscles, fat, water - nothing but a headache and a reason for unrest you will not get. The percentage of fat and water in the indications will vary depending on the amount of liquid drunk, and this figure with the real state of affairs has nothing to do. But there should not be any radical savings either - the digital scales are still less accurate than the mechanical ones.

Tip. Buy inexpensive digital scales without an analyzer, but with memory.

Weight during the day can vary

Many factors influence the change in body weight during the day, but most of all - the fluid coming with the products. If you stand on the scales at once, after you have drunk a bottle of water, the arrows can show up to a kilogram of gain in weight. After some time, visit the toilet and again weighed - most likely, 500 - 700 grams you will lose. Pay attention to salt and salty foods - this food delays water in the tissues. However, salted cucumber does not always guarantee an increase in weight, but extra calories will necessarily lead to the appearance of extra pounds.

Tip. Objective picture can only be if every day weighed at the same time, best of all - in the morning, immediately after a visit to the toilet and on an empty stomach. That clothing does not affect the performance, weigh yourself naked. Watch for the general trend - every day the weight can be either in the black or in the negative, but month after month it should decrease. If you notice that it began to grow - change your lifestyle and diet.

Become slimmer without losing weight

This is quite real. By weight, the body weight will change slightly, but you can lose weight. If you adhere to the usual diet, but actively engage in fitness, the fatty layer will decrease, fat will turn into muscles. As the muscular tissues are denser than fat, the volume of the body will decrease - the figure will become more slender, smart, and the weight will remain the same. However, to achieve such results, you need to train regularly.

Tip. In addition to daily weighing, record in the diary and other indicators - waist circumference and hips. And of course, watch how the clothes are sitting.

Correct installation of the scale on the floor

The balance must be installed on a flat, level surface. If they stand on the carpet, then the exact weight will not show.

Tip. Find in your apartment a corner with a firm, level surface and always weigh in the same place. And to be sure of the accuracy of the scales - weigh on them a pack of salt or a bag of sugar.