Правильное похудение или "синдром гармошки"

How to lose weight correctly, without harming the body

Syndrome accordion

Recently, the number of women suffering most of the life of overweight and staying at war with him has been constantly increasing."The most effective" means and "good" tips for losing weight today are many. Ladies consider them a panacea, lose hateful pounds, then exhausting diet ends, and weight returns.

This tactic of combating excess weight is called harmony syndrome: it is with this musical instrument that you can compare a body that is slowly compressed, then stretched from the effects of diets and subsequent "eating".And over the years it "shrinks" more and more difficult, but increases with astonishing speed.

To lose weight in 7 days

It's amazing that women do not want to understand that to limit themselves in nutrition under the motto: "Lose weight in 7 days, and then eat as long as you want" - it makes no sense. Maybe it's time to think about why you are so fast adding weight, when your frien

d who eats much more than you does not recover at all?

You need to contact an endocrinologist who will consult if everything is in order with your metabolism. If any violations are found, correcting them, you can get rid of extra pounds. But there is one more common problem that a doctor can point out - a genetic predisposition to active digestion of fats from food by the body.

What is a genotype?

Millions of years of evolution have not been wasted for a person. Abundant meals, when he could get food, followed by periods of hunger. As a result of natural selection, those individuals who accumulated a lot of fat survived, and, accordingly, experienced difficult times. In the modern world, this property of the body is more harmful than useful. Conditions, when food is not allowed, and it does not "disappear" anywhere, allow a "wasteful" genotype to feel better. And people who are overweight are starting to get sick more often and they are given a terrible diagnosis of "infertility."

Proper weight loss

If you have been carefully examined and the metabolism is all right, realize one simple truth: you eat more than your body needs. It's time to form new eating habits! For example, in a soup there are too many calories, it "stretches" your stomach. Changing the usual diet, you can "find" and "grope" the composition and quantity of products that allow you to maintain a normal weight throughout life.

In losing weight, go "to the end"

If you decided to reduce weight, you should definitely "get" to the medical standard. So, if you have 20 kilograms of excess weight, you need to get rid of all twenty, not three or fifteen. After all, fat is the endocrine gland, which can release substances that can increase deposits. Consequently, the lower the percentage of fat in your body, the less likely you are to obesity. Only with a normal weight you can eat a full meal without a "superfluous" set. And then you will be able to get rid of the diseases that full people suffer more often!