Beautiful and safe sunburn

Beautiful and safe tan - how to properly tan, tanning cosmetics, tan skin type, secrets of a beautiful tan, beach diet

Summer is coming - it's time for swimsuits, light outdoor dresses and fine weather. All this is even more joyful with a beautiful tan. We will tell you how to get it and keep it for a long time.

Every woman dreams of a beautiful, smooth tan. With the onset of heat, when the beach season is just beginning, you already want to have a bronze shade of the skin. This pushes many women to go to the solarium. They hope that several artificial sunburn procedures will not cause any harm. Unfortunately, it is not. We are exposed to a huge number of negative influences every day, so we simply do not have the right to cripple ourselves. If you make a choice between the beauty of the skin and its health, then the preponderance should always be in the direction of health. But in general, beauty and health are inseparable from each other. This principle must be followed always and

in everything. Sacrificing health for beauty is a crime against oneself.

The sun is a friend of man. In ancient books it is said that this planet is the one that controls our happiness. People who build their lives according to the laws of nature are much more likely to find happiness. Anyone who gets up at dawn and gets ready for bed right after sunset, makes an invaluable contribution to maintaining his health.

Beautiful and safe tanning - what you need to know

"Solar" laws

As for sunburn, here too, have their own "solar" laws. Sunbathing should be done with extreme caution. Studies of American scientists have shown that the negative impact of ultraviolet rays over the past decade has increased by about 3.5 times. And the sun in this, of course, is not to blame. This man causes irreparable damage to the atmosphere, destroying the natural protection of our planet.

So that the skin has acquired a beautiful shade and at the same time remained healthy, you need to tan properly. To avoid burns, it is very important to choose a suitable sunscreen. For each person, the safe time spent in the sun is individual, so the degree of protection should be different.

The choice of cosmetics for sunburn

So that after rest you have pleasant memories, it is better to buy makeup for tanning with different degrees of protection. For the first days of sun exposure, a cream with SPF 25, 30 and above is suitable. But when there is a light tan, and the skin, accordingly, get used to the sun, you can go to sunscreen with SPF from 2 to 20. Even if your tan already has a strong and necessary shade, you do not need to give up sunscreen. It is better to use oil for sunburn with a minimum degree of protection.

Each person has a different skin reaction to the sun's rays. Among the wide variety of sunscreens it is not easy to choose the right one. The protection factor( SPF) can vary from 2 to 50 units. The darker the skin, the lower this figure should be. SPF 2 delays radiation by 50%, SPF 10 by 90%, SPF 25 by 96%, and SPF 50 by 98%. A simple classification will help us to orient ourselves in this scale, where the optimal protection option is determined for different types of appearance.

The first type of is very light, pale, sensitive skin, with freckles;blue, green eyes;red hair or blond hair.

Such people begin to burn after 20 minutes in the sun. Tanning them is very difficult. To protect the skin, you need to use sunscreen with SPF 40, and after a couple of days you can go to a lower SPF - up to 20 units. It is better to buy a cream for sensitive skin. Strictly it is counter-indicative to use oil for intensive sunburn.

The second type of is light skin with rare freckles;gray, blue or brown eyes;red, light blonde hair.

Burns can appear after 20-40 minutes of exposure to the sun. To get a beautiful golden tint, the skin needs to be accustomed to the sun gradually. For the first beach days, a cream with SPF 30, and then you can go to 15 units. For this type, waterproof sunscreens are ideal.

The third type of is fairly light skin;gray, brown eyes;light brown hair. This is the most common type among Europeans.

Skin tans easily and quickly enough, gradually acquiring an intense chocolate shade, in most cases without redness. Start the beach season is recommended with SPF 20-15, and then go to 10-8 units.

The fourth type of is olive or swarthy skin, without freckles;Brown eyes;dark chestnut, black hair.

Representatives of this type very rarely burn. The skin tans easily and quickly, acquiring an intense tan. Initially enough protection with SPF 10, and then there will be enough cream with SPF 4.

For a gentle and sensitive skin it is desirable to use a special sunscreen. Means for the body are more dense in texture. They can clog pores on the face, which is very harmful. For the skin of the lips you need to use special pencils with a high degree of protection or hygienic lipstick without petrolatum.

You should not apply fatty nourishing cream to the delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes. This can cause swelling. To protect your eyes, wear sunglasses, but from time to time, take them off so that there are no white circles around the eyes. Try not to squint to avoid the appearance of white "wrinkles" on the face.

How to protect the skin from premature aging

To avoid the appearance of early wrinkles will help the daytime protective cream, which is applied under the sunscreen. Immediately before going to the beach, you can not wash with soap, use a nutritious cream, especially if it contains hormones, use tonics or lotions on an alcohol basis( the latter not only before, but after going to the beach).

Before going to the beach, it is better to wash away the decorative cosmetics. Because of the smudges of foundation and carcass, you can lose your attraction. Do not use scrubs after returning home from the beach! Protect the face of ultraviolet radiation can be with a day cream in combination with powder.

Longer enjoy the sun's rays will help you sunblock. It should be applied a thick layer on the dry skin for 15-20 minutes before going out. If you use a waterproof suntan cream, remember that after bathing it needs to be applied again.

Secrets of a beautiful sunburn

Sunbathing is better until 10 am and after 16.00.With unprotected skin, you can safely sunbathe no more than 10 minutes. If you want to get a bronzed shade of skin faster, it's senseless to spend all day on the beach, as melanin is formed in the skin for about 50 minutes. To achieve a beautiful tan, the sun's rays should fall from the side, not vertically. So the pigment appears faster. The most persistent and gentle will be a tan in the shade of the trees.

Beach diet

There are products that will help tan faster, protect the skin from burns and aggressive radiation, give it a beautiful shade, achieve an intense, even and persistent sunburn, maintain water balance in the body, strengthen immunity and preserve the attractive shade of the skin for a long time.

To actively develop melanin, you need to eat vegetables and fruits that contribute to this: peaches, apricots, watermelon, melon, pumpkin, mango, coconut, grapes, tomatoes, broccoli. For effective sunburn before going to the beach, drink a glass of carrot juice. It will help to make tan more resistant. To protect yourself from burns and stains, you can drink any juice half an hour before leaving home with the addition of 1-2 drops of lemon, orange or mandarin essential oil. From harmful effects of ultraviolet protection tomato puree with the addition of olive oil( 10 grams per glass of juice).

There are products that are not desirable to consume on the beach, as they interfere with the production of melanin: wine, coffee, nuts, sweet flour products, chocolate, boiled corn and everything is very salty. To keep a beautiful tan as long as possible, you need to eat liver, seafood, spinach and Roquefort cheese.

Do not forget about vitamins and antioxidants. Ascorbic acid helps to avoid excessive pigmentation. Vitamin E soothes the skin and protects it from free radicals. Beta-carotene gives the skin a golden hue and protects it from sunlight. Vitamin B helps to achieve a chocolate tan. Selenium is needed for the health of the whole body, protecting the skin from dryness and burns, and reducing the risk of oncology.

Relax with the benefit of body and soul. Buy high-quality and suitable sunscreen for your skin, drink plenty of water, observe a beach diet and come home with a sea of ​​positive emotions and an impeccable tan.