Herpes on the lips

How to treat herpes on the lips

There are two types of herpes simplex. One causes damage to the mucous membranes, usually manifested as a rash on the lips, the second - affects the genitals( genital herpes).There are no connections between them, they are two different diseases that are caused by completely different viruses. We will talk about the virus of the first type - herpes on the lips, about symptoms, treatment with traditional and folk methods.

Herpes on the lips - symptoms

The first stage of - there is itching pain, a tingling burning sensation that intensifies, the sensations become more and more painful. The first stage lasts from 2 hours to one day. If you pay attention in time and immediately begin treatment, then further development of herpes can be stopped.

The second stage of is a small swelling, the inflammatory process begins to actively develop, redness appears and bubbles with fluid are formed.

The third stage of - sores are formed. This is the

most infectious period, there is a burning sensation and pain in the area of ​​the lips.

The fourth stage of is herpes, the sores are covered with a dense brown crust that gradually dries up and disappears.

Herpes on the lips - treatment

Treat herpes on the lips as soon as possible , as soon as you feel a slight discomfort or a slight burning sensation under the skin. The most effective means is a special cream containing acyclovir or penciclovir, which dries up the vesicles and accelerates the healing of sores. Cream should be lubricated affected herpes site five times a day with a break for three to four hours. The duration of the course is at least five days, usually a week is spent on treatment. As an addition, you can lubricate herpes on the lips with ointments, which contain zinc - this will disinfect the skin. Do not try to remove the drying crust or somehow open the vials, it will end with the spread of the virus, it can "grab" other areas of the face or eyes. With light circular motions, rub the cream, wash hands with soap and water.

If you are not afraid of tablets - , take the cyclophile ( 0.4 grams) every four hours for three days. With frequent repetitions of herpes, the doctor can recommend acyclovir in tablets ( 5 times a day every 4 hours) or voltarex ( 2 times a day).

Drink vitamins of group B, vitamin E, vitamin C. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, citrus fruits, in which there is a lot of vitamin C - this will help restore the immune system.

Herpes on the lips - treatment with folk remedies

In comparison with medicines, folk methods of treating herpes are not so effective. But if you do not have drugs at hand, they will come in handy.

Herpes on the lips can be treated with a strong saline solution ( tablespoon of salt to a glass of water).Wet a cotton swab in the salt solution and lubricate the affected area. Or, prepare an infusion of chamomile or calendula( a tablespoon of flowers into a glass of water) and apply a compress moistened with infusion to the sore spot.

Another method is the herbal teas , which will soften the course of the disease and help to recover quickly. Make tea from the leaves of lemon balm, cherry( 3 parts) and juniper fruit( 1 part).Brew a teaspoon of this mixture with a glass of boiling water and drink tea 3-4 times a day, adding a spoonful of honey.

Among the folk remedies for herpes treatment is this: 10 grams of lemon balm fill with medical alcohol. After two to three days, the tincture will be ready, apply a tampon moistened with tincture to your lips.

It is said that the ice helps at the bubble stage. It is necessary to wrap the ice cube in a napkin and press it to your lips. Keep as much as you can, but from time to time make small pauses not to supercool the skin.

If herpes on the lips appears more often - do not delay the visit to the doctor. Otherwise, herpes will not only be a medical problem, but cosmetic, and not the fact that expensive procedures will return you healthy, smooth skin.