Herpes during pregnancy

Traditional and folk methods of treating herpes during pregnancy

Unfortunately, there are as yet no medications that would be cured once and for all from herpes. Some methods of therapy affect the virus, others - on immunity, but all of them are aimed at reducing the possibility of relapses. While there are no clinical manifestations, there is no need to treat herpes, but if the first signs of the disease have appeared, then it is not worthwhile to delay the treatment.

What is dangerous for herpes during pregnancy

Herpes virus is referred to as "sleeping" viruses - it is normal for all people, circulates in the body, and for the time being does not manifest itself. But with reduced immunity, which often happens at the beginning of pregnancy, the virus can become aggravated. For pregnant women, it is dangerous only in the case of primary herpetic infection( unless earlier exacerbations have been observed).Through the placenta, the virus can penetrate into the fetal tissues, which

leads to miscarriage, development of various pathologies, brain damage. According to medical statistics, the percentage of transmission of infection from mother to fetus is below 10%, and then this is possible only in the case of primary infection. Of these 10%, the percentage of emerging pathologies also does not exceed 10%.It turns out that only one percent of babies can be transmitted by the virus from the mother, since the child already has its own immune system. If the exacerbations of herpes were before pregnancy, then the threat to the fetus is completely minimal, it is protected by maternal antibodies. Therefore, herpes is not an indication for abortion. But it is certainly necessary to treat it.

Treatment of herpes during pregnancy

Antibiotics are not treated with herpes, they are meant for bacteria, and herpes is a virus. For its treatment use antiviral drugs, and a set of measures aimed at strengthening immunity. A course of vitamins is prescribed, treatment with immunostimulants( among them may be plant - eleutherococcus, ginseng, echinacea), after 15-16 weeks, an immunoglobulin( dropper) can be administered.

For the treatment of herpes, anti-herpetic ointments are prescribed - acyclovir, salicylic-zinc ointment, Bormentol - with the use of these drugs, the manifestations of herpes disappear within a few days. By the way, acyclovir can occur under different names - herpevir, cyclovir, virolex, zovirax - know that these are all names of the same drug. Acyclovir is applied to the affected areas 5 times a day, the duration of the course of treatment is 5 to 10 days. You can lubricate the rashes with oxolin or allisarin ointment( 2 to 4 times a day, the course is 5 to 10 days).In addition to these ointments, there are homeopathic ointments from herpes, which are sold in specialized pharmacies.

Of folk remedies for the rapid healing of rashes using rosehip oil, sea buckthorn, fir oil( lubricated 2 - 3 times a day).Prepare ointment from marigold - take one part of fresh marigold juice and four parts of petroleum jelly or mix one part of the calendula powder with one part of petroleum jelly.

If you find yourself showing signs of an exacerbation of the disease - be sure to see a doctor! A blood test will show if you have been infected with the virus before and how well your body can be protected. And most importantly - try not to be nervous - your experiences may be for a baby much more dangerous than herpes!