green tea

Green tea - we prepare a healthy drink according to all the rules

Compared to black tea, green tea has appeared not so long ago, but a lot has been written about its benefits. Therefore, instead of once again listing its antioxidant, rejuvenating and other properties, it is better to talk about how to brew green tea properly, so that the drink was really useful, retained its taste and aroma. These rules are not quite ordinary, they are about what can not be done categorically. If you do not comply with them, then instead of a useful and tasty drink you can get useless bitter water.

Green tea is not brewed with boiling water

The Chinese have their own version - boiling water is dominated by the energy of fire, so it is not suitable for brewing tea. Scientists approached this issue from a scientific point of view and determined that the boiling water sharply reduces the oxygen content, and this does not reveal the taste buds of tea. Plus, boiling water will destroy some of the nutrie

nts, spoil the taste and significantly reduce its benefits.

How right? Water heats up to 60 - 80 degrees, no more. If it boils, drain the boiling water, pour new water and heat to the desired temperature.

Green tea does not brew too long

If you exceed twice the allowable time, too many tannins will stretch out of the tea leaf and the tender drink will turn into a bitter tincture. In addition, the opportunity to brew tea several times more will be lost - unlike black, green tea can be brewed many times. If time is still increased, then under long-term exposure to hot water, useful substances will break down and tea will lose its properties. Add a little more time - the tea leaf will begin to give alkaloids, and this is already fraught with health problems.

How right? Each tea has its own time of brewing. If in general, it is necessary to observe the following principle: the first welding of high-quality varieties lasts from 15 to 30 seconds - no more! The Chinese say - you need to do three breaths and three expirations - and you can drink green tea. The time for each subsequent brewing is increased by 10 to 20 seconds. Old green tea and less quality tea brew a little longer - up to a minute.

Green tea is not brewed in a thermos bottle

The water in the thermos remains hot for a long time, and the tea leaf under the influence of hot water will give up microelements and alkaloids all this time. One hour of such "cooking" is enough that green tea literally turns into a poison.

How right? Brew tea according to all the rules, in porcelain or clay brew. And if you need to take tea on the road or into the office, then pour the brewed tea into a thermos. Necessarily through a strainer, so that no tea leaves get into the liquid.

Green tea does not drink cold

Chinese wisdom says that fresh tea is a balm, while tea left overnight is like a snake. "You can believe the Chinese, but you can see the results of the research. Freshly brewed tea is a suspension of all useful substances, connected in a certain way. If tea starts to cool down, it loses useful properties, essential oils evaporate, vitamins are oxidized, antioxidants are destroyed. Green tea of ​​any sort changes its composition, and there will be no benefit from such a drink.

How right? It's simple - brew as much tea as you can drink. Even if there is a little bit of tea left in the cup, do not be lazy to brew green tea again.

And one more rule. Safe daily rate of 4 to 6 cups of green tea of ​​medium strength or no more than three cups of strong tea. Strong tea is not drunk on an empty stomach, during meals or immediately after meals - tannins, which in such tea in excess, block the secretion of gastric juice and disrupt the digestion process.