how not to recover at a party

Tips to help assess the hospitality and culinary skills of a person while visiting him, without harm to his figure and health

For many people, the birthday of a close friend is not only an occasion to visit him and please gifts and congratulations, and the opportunity is goodrest and eat. That is why on the day when a person has the honor to be present at someone's holiday, he tries not to eat anything until the beginning of the celebration in order to "leave a place" for different delicacies, as a result comes to visit very hungry and starts eating everything. So daytime fasting is imperceptibly transformed into evening eating, and the friend's birthday is on a belly holiday. Benefits of this, no, and pleasure, too. To fall asleep with weight in the stomach, and even more so to wake up the next day is very unpleasant. After desperate nightly attempts to cope with poisoning( yes, it is with poisoning - no more, no less), to which led a dense dinner, the next morning your body will tell you wh

at is bad for him.

Such incidents refer to other celebrations: weddings, corporate parties, as well as the most favorite holidays for the Slavic people: New Year, Christmas, Easter. Many people get better on holidays, because the refrigerators at their homes are bursting with a variety, very tasty food, but not the most useful, unfortunately. Feasts have no end, and habits are stronger than common sense. We are used to breakfast for three minutes, to have dinner even faster, and only in the evening, after returning from work, sit at the table for an hour. We have no time to sit down and calmly, normally eat. But each person has his or her own health, and sooner or later it can end.

It is on a visit that we very often can not resist the , so as not to try all the dishes that are on the table. And the good-natured master helps us with words like: "Eat well, dear guests."Only it turns out that not for health. It ends with a piece of cake, which makes the situation almost hopeless: the cake is no longer fit, the stomach bursts, and it is forced to eat it. Well, if the good-natured culprit of the celebration agrees that the cake goes home to a person who categorically refuses to eat it.

So, advice on how to go to visit and not get well

All this is funny and at the same time sad. To avoid overeating, you need to know a few rules of behavior at the table. Their observance will help to soften the blow, which heavy artillery of festive delicacies inflicts on the body.

Rule number 1

For half an hour before a meal, drink a glass of warm water, even if you are already a guest. Firstly, it is useful, and secondly, the appetite will calm down a little.

Have you ever thought that we overeat a little? The signal of thirst, which sends the body, we regard as hunger and rush to eat something. When it's hot outside, we drink more. But who said that in winter the body needs less fluid? But there are people who do not drink water at all.

There is one very simple and extremely important secret to health: since a person more than half consists of water, it goes without saying that he must drink water every day and in sufficient quantity( 30 ml per 1 kg of weight), before each meal.

Rule number 2

But the food to drink with water is not desirable. During the meal you can drink acidic drinks: compote, juice, water with lemon, but in small quantities. This is due to the fact that the stomach is acidic, and only such drinks will help digestion.

3-4 hours after you have eaten, and ideally, when you feel slight hunger, you can drink water. The habit of drinking water after eating suggests that the body lacks fluid. And it also contributes to weight gain, because a large portion of food, feeding with food, further stretches the stomach.

Rule No. 3

Try to eat in small portions. Very thoroughly chew your food. Be sure to have breakfast and dinner. Remember that eating after 20.00 not only gives you excess weight, but also creates problems with digestion. Try at least a week not to eat after 19.00.Your health will noticeably improve: there will be lightness, you will sleep better and it will be easier to wake up, you will have more energy, and the mood will become more joyful. To skip breakfast or lunch for a lavish feast is not entirely reasonable, because such an approach will soon turn into a bad state of health rather than some usefulness.

Rule number 4

Before you go to visit, it is desirable to eat something. You can not very hungry go to where the feast is planned. Eat half a banana, an apple, a couple of spoons of cottage cheese, and better read the rule number 1.

Rule # 5

When you start eating, start with a dish that contains enzymes. It is desirable that it is a salad of fresh vegetables with greens. Enzymes activate digestion. When visiting, we sometimes immediately attack the most appetizing dishes: salads with mayonnaise, meat delicacies, sandwiches, and then we can not stop.

Rule number 6

It should be remembered that saturation does not come immediately, so it is not necessary to try everything that is on the festive table in the first 15 minutes. Eat slowly, enjoying the taste of your favorite dishes. And it is better to choose those delicacies, which are well combined with each other. It can be a meat or fish dish with a salad, cereals or legumes with green vegetables.

You can not eat acidic and starchy foods at the same time( for example, beans, potatoes with sour fruits and vegetables).Concentrated proteins( eggs, nuts, cheese, meat) do not mix well with potatoes, sweet fruits and cereals. At one meal, you can not eat two concentrated proteins at once. This makes digestion difficult. Proteins, just like starchy foods, are incompatible with acidic foods. The combination of starch and sugar causes fermentation. Milk is desirable to eat separately from other foods, and with starches, proteins and green vegetables, it is completely incompatible. Melon and watermelon make up a special category of products. They combine only with sweet, half-ripe and dry fruits, more with nothing.

And here are the ideal combinations:

  • semi-acid fruits - fermented milk products;
  • sour fruit - nuts, milk, sour fruit;
  • green vegetables - starches and proteins;
  • starches - vegetable and animal fats, green vegetables;
  • any meat - green vegetables;
  • nuts - sour fruit, green vegetables;
  • cheese, eggs - green vegetables;
  • beans( except green) and cereals - green vegetables.

Rule number 7

Prefer low-calorie dishes: light snacks and side dishes, vegetable salads and low-fat meats, nuts, seafood. They will help fill the stomach and eliminate hunger without excess calories.

Now you know all the secrets. By the way, if you apply them not only on a visit, but at home, at work, on vacation, and the figure will be slimmer, and health is stronger, and the mood is better. Always remain a welcome guest at home with your friends and loved ones and return home with ease in the body and with joy in the shower!