Modern fashion for make-up

Modern fashion in makeup is rapidly and continuously developing. With each season there are more and more new trends and interesting solutions. To your image was flawless it is worthwhile to know what make-up is now in vogue.


Modern fashion for make-up

The main fashionable solution, which does not lose its positions for many seasons - is a natural appearance. Natural beauty should and can be isolated by cosmetic means. Nude makeup does not imply the complete absence of cosmetics. He only beautifies the appearance of the girl and at the same time gives the impression that there is absolutely no make-up on the face.

What this makeup includes:

  • The ideal face tone: correctors, concealers and light tonal products are used here. The main condition is that the coating does not look like a mask.
  • Stitching of eyebrows: do not densely draw them with lipstick for eyebrows or with a pencil, you can only lightly apply soft shadows and comb hair with gel for eyebrows.
  • Select eyes: apply mascara
    in one layer. In this case, blonde girls should choose warm brown shades, and dark hair is preferable to use black mascara.
  • Create a blush: use a soft soft blush on the cheeks of the cheeks.
  • Lips: apply hygienic lipstick, or a translucent shine.

Apply this trend of fashion in makeup for everyday life.

Cat's look

Modern fashion for make-up

Seductive evening elegant make-up is in fashion now. In order to shine apply this makeup.

Its obligatory components:

  • perfect smooth tone;
  • clear cheekbones;
  • black arrows;
  • even eyebrows;
  • bright lipstick.

With this set of makeup items, you will really look great.

Smokey Ice

Modern fashion for make-up

To find out what make-up is in fashion, photos of which are huge, do not go far. From all sides from the covers of magazines, fashionable advertisements, languid girls with dark deep eyes make-up.

How to achieve this impression:

  • line the tone of the face;
  • outline cheekbones and apply blush;
  • underline the eyebrows;
  • on your eyes apply black shadows, carefully blend them to the edges. Use a dark pencil under the rim of the bottom of the eye;
  • densely dye eyelashes with mascara, and better glue artificial fluffy eyelashes;
  • light up the face haylayterom;
  • apply a lipstick.

With this make-up you will make a stunning effect on others.


Modern fashion for make-up

For ladies, beauty is important, and makeup, a fashion that will never come out, dictates all the new rules. Another bright solution can be considered cosmetics with a metallic effect.

So excite the looks of fashionistas original shadows on the eyes with flickering, as well as lipsticks that cast a metallic luster.

The basic rules for makeup with these products are the allocation of one part of the face. Applying metallic on the lips, leave your eye makeup calm, and vice versa.

To clearly understand what make-up in fashion should watch the latest trends from fashion shows. Sometimes their solutions are very extravagant. Therefore, in pursuit of fashion trends, try not to lose your individuality.

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