Checkered shirt is a very popular trend of the last few fashionable seasons. Despite the lightness, simplicity and laconism of the figure itself, with the help of such a shirt a self-sufficient and bold image is created. If you take into account the many color combinations, it becomes clear why this thing has so many fans and fans around the world, regardless of age and taste preferences.

The shirt in the cage has long been included in the women's wardrobe and, despite its masculine character, in contrast to the female lines of the body, it gives an image of a note of grace and sexuality. This shirt has long become a classic, as well as a black dress. It is impossible to imagine the wardrobe of the most sophisticated fashionista without this very popular garment.


  1. With what to wear a checkered shirt
  2. Shirt in a cage will correct the figure
  3. Fashionable colors of checkered shirts

With what to wear a checkered shirt

Women's shirt with checkered print is a win

-win option. It is very universal, no matter what the task is, it will successfully help to realize it. In combination with strict lines, she gives the female image a special character, whereas with torn jeans she introduces a note of negligence and daily routine, while creating a popular style of "casual".It can be worn as a jacket in combination with a monophonic jersey. If the shirt is made of dense and expensive fabric, it can be worn as a cardigan over a light summer dress. It looks like an elongated blouse, if you add it with a thin leather strap.

In order to achieve the desired effect, do not neglect the accessories that will help complete the image. Shoes are also very important. Sneakers, sneakers, ballet shoes are suitable for everyday use. A high heel will make the figure more slim, and the image more vivid and feminine.

It should be remembered that the checkered shirt does not tolerate other patterns and prints, it should be worn with monophonic things, for example with jeans in color or with a black classic skirt. Also, do not abuse the sequins and sequins, because in combination with the checkered shirt they will look cheap and vulgar.

Shirt in the cage will correct the figure

The checkered shirt will suit any type of figure. If you choose the correct size of the cell, depending on the type of figure, you can easily achieve the desired result.

The owners of magnificent shapes should choose a shirt with a larger cage, as it successfully conceals all the imperfections and defects of the figure and helps to emphasize the dignity by making the right accent. A small cage will help to add a little volume, due to which will make the skinny figure softer and feminine.

Fashionable colors of checkered shirts

There are many color solutions for shirts. Not so long ago, the red colors of the cell with Scottish motifs entered the fashion. The red cell looks very bright, so it will be a bold decision for the image.

You should also pay attention to the combination of black, gray and white, which will suit any style and add to it the attractiveness. Especially good this color solution is suitable for office, combined with a black skirt and high heel. Blue, blue colors will perfectly match with jeans or denim shorts and will suit for the everyday image.

Many designers of the world's leading brands presented the audience with a bold combination of colors. The green, purple, turquoise cage has become the main trend of this season.

There are a lot of options for color solutions, so when choosing the shade of a woman's shirt in a cage, you need to take into account the color of the hair, eyes, and skin tone. This is necessary in order to profitably emphasize the appearance and make it more attractive. Of course, you need to be guided by taste preferences, it is very important that the chosen item should be liked by its owner.

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