Many people, including even some fashion experts, consider black color gloomy. This is not surprising, because for a long time since it was fixed the brand of mourning, since in the black age they went to the funeral. Ask any psychologist with what the black tones are associated with? Quite right: with insecurity, seclusion, depression. Then why does a woman in black look so attractive, and a man too? Why did Coco Chanel itself become famous in the fashion world thanks to a small black dress, and not, say, purple?


  1. Riddle of black clothes
  2. Convenience and practicality of black outfit
  3. Woman in black - mysterious and sexy!

Riddle of clothes of black color

In fact, black is the color of luxury, wealth, sophistication, subtlety. On the catwalks, the models are often full of bright colors, but if you look at fashion experts, journalists and fashion designers like Karl Lagerfeld, they prefer black color, because they understand that this is the color of nobility.

It's not a secret for anyone that it builds, so it greatly simplifies life for many. You do not need to exhaust yourself with hard diets and hour exercises in the gym - it's enough just to choose a black dress by figure, trouser suit or a pencil skirt with a top or exquisite blouse. And how admirable is the black corset! Red - it's already vulgar, white - nondescript, like home pajamas, but black. .. will emphasize all the dignity of the figure, hide the shortcomings, and most importantly, looks elegant and seductive.

Convenience and practicality of black outfit

Black is perfectly matched with other colors, as well as with clothes with print, it is easy to choose accessories for it. With other shades it is very easy to overdo it: one extra decoration, and it already looks cheap and tasteless. With the same black color, you can afford to relax a little, picking up a few accessories, whether gold or expensive jewelry.

Guess which is the most practical color? Yes, it's black. How many times will you wear a red dress? One, at most two, and it will automatically turn into yesterday's dress. Black dress can be worn for years, picking up a refined string of pearls, a neck scarf or even a massive necklace from natural stones, and you will always remain in the trend. No one will understand that this dress will soon be possible to celebrate the anniversary. Classics is a classic, it does not go out of fashion.

Under the clothes of black color, it's easy to pick up make-up. Ideal as smoky, and bold-bright or never fading retro, namely black arrows in combination with red lipstick. Black and red are the perfect pair, but with red you need to be extremely cautious, pay attention to the shades and their combination. With black things are simpler: it does not happen much.

Woman in black - mysterious and sexy!

And most importantly: black is the color of sexuality, and not because it is so appreciated by fans of BDSM.Simply, he gives it to the owner of charm and mystery, in it immediately there is a riddle, which you want to unravel. No wonder he is associated with witches and women vamp. White lacy underwear looks not so erotic as black, agree.

Dressing in black outfits, do not hide from the world and do not hide your dignity. You do not need to wear a dimensionless coat with darkened glasses, unless you want to relax a bit from society and do not try to merge with the crowd. On the contrary - wear things by the figure, emphasizing your femininity and elegance of the forms. Do not be afraid to dilute your image with other, brighter shades, picking up shoes and accessories. If you prefer black color, you will always look elegant both at a business meeting and at a social evening!

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