Bright curls are the cherished dream of many girls, but not all of them are ready to sacrifice the health of their hair in order to obtain the desired shade. In addition, there are situations when the use of chemical dyes is simply unacceptable: pregnancy, certain diseases, increased sensitivity of the skin, weak hair, etc.

In such cases, a safe product - a decolorizing oil - helps.

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  • What is
  • Operating principle
  • Efficiency
  • clarification process
  • Ranking of the best products
  • Aether
  • Purchase products
  • Selection Rules and practical advice
  • potential harm and measures
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What is

Clarifying butter -this is a sparing alternative to modern hair dyes .

Lightening hair oil - we select suitable means

It is a multicomponent oil based product with the addition of auxiliary plant or chemical components.

This product not only does not damage the hair, but also has an additional caring effect on them:

  • restores the structure of the strands;
  • saturates curls with nutrients;
  • smoothes, enhancing natural shine;
  • strengthens the roots and accelerates growth( depending on the composition).
Oil is used exclusively for clarification of natural color. It does not "yellow" hair in contrast to chemical paints for discoloration, but gives a warm honey color.
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Principle of operation

Application of this oil composition will make the hair 2-4 tone lighter( in some cases, up to five).This happens by washing away the natural pigment.

Depending on the initial data, the following result can be obtained:

  • chestnut and dark-brown hair - will turn golden-hazel or light-chestnut with a rusty hue;
  • light brown and ashy tones - will change to a sand or wheaten shade with golden tint;
  • light brown and copper locks - will acquire amber "sunny" color.
It is impossible to predict the result in depends on the original base podton and the structure of the hair. The oil is not capable of coloring the gray hair and a very dark natural piment.
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Depending on the version of the selected product , the result can be obtained already after the first application of or it is achieved by regular use:

  • purchased tools have a momentary effect of , the effect of which lasts about 2-3 months;
  • natural remedies gradually lighten the strands of and this result must be constantly maintained using masks or shampoos.

It is allowed to use both methods together: is a one-time painting with a specialized product and "refreshing" of color by regular use of natural clarifying ingredients.

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Lightening process

The purchase instruction for changing colors is accompanied by the instruction manual.

How to apply a special oil for lightening hair

Typically, it contains the following steps:

  • Mix the components of the kit with an oxidizer 6-9% in the appropriate proportion.
  • Distribute the finished mixture from the roots to the tips.
  • Warm up with a film and a towel.
  • Withstand 5-50 minutes.
  • Thoroughly wash off after this time.
Natural essential oils are used 2 times a week in the form of homemade masks, sprays, balms, and also add a few drops in daily shampoo and for aroma-combing.
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Rating of the best products

Finished tools are selected by a specialist taking into account the individual characteristics of the client. If you approach the issue of choice responsibly, you can purchase it yourself in a professional hairdresser's shop.

Almost all "home" oils are light clarifiers due to the property of dissolving pigments. Olive and burdock are most effective for this. They can be used not only in pure form, but also as a base for diluting clarifying essential oils.

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Net esters

The most pronounced effect is possessed by the oxidizing and heating effect of the oil:

Natural clarifying essential oils for hair and features of their use

  • of the lemon - intensively liquidates "yellowness"( 3-4 drops per application);
  • cinnamon - makes even darker curls( 3-4 drops per application) lighter;
  • chamomile - gives a dazzling shine( 4-5 drops per application);
  • incense - equalizes the overall tone of the hair( 5-6 drops per application).
Strengthen the result obtained if you combine essential oils to lighten hair with other substances with similar properties: honey, kefir, yolk, decoctions of suitable herbs, etc.
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Purchased products

Today, clarifying oils on the market are represented by a very limited assortment of , but several popular products can be distinguished:

Description Description Features of Price, rub.
Solaris from Eugene Perma brightens up to 1-4 tones, softens hair and smoothes their cuticles, destroys natural pigment contains sunscreens about 2500
Linfa Schiarente from Lisap Milano clarifies by 1-4 tones, has the most mild discoloring effect of the basis of the product is olive oil and almond oil about 1500
Douceur Blonde from Indola Professional brightens for 2-5 tones, suitable for both full staining and for various techniques: ombre, highlighting, etc. gelling agents maximize the work with mixture about 1000
Life Lightening Oil from FarmaVita brightens up to 1-4 tones, the main length retains color very long, at this time the repeated procedure is required only for the roots of almost entirely natural product: extracts of herbs,antistatic and conditioning ingredients about 2000

The oil is used in tandem with an oxidizer of 6-9% .As a completion of the staining procedure, you can use a special neutralizing shampoo, produced by the respective company.

On the pages of our site you will also find out which oils for dry tips of hair will be most effective, including:
  • features of using sea buckthorn oil for these purposes;
  • how to properly use burdock oil to solve this problem;
  • will help in this case argan oil;
  • how to apply almond oil to restore split tresses;
  • and how effective is the mask with peach oil?
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Selection rules and practical advice

Individual characteristics of different types of hair can significantly affect the desired result of .

Therefore, when choosing a clarifying oil, they should be taken into account:

Rules for choosing clarifying hair oil - a few recommendations

  • On dry porous hair, a product that is based on nutrient base oils will work well.

    It can be both commercially available( with a minimum% oxidant) and homemade.

    Chamomile and frankincense come from the ethers, becausethe rest can dry out the length.

  • Fat and dense hair, unfortunately, quite poorly influenced by the "gifts of nature", so it is reasonable for them to buy a finished product with an oxidizer of 6-9%.

    Suitable ester - lemon( orange) and cinnamon.

  • Happy owners of a normal type of scalp and healthy strands can afford to experiment with any remedy. Essential oils can also be tried either( excluding individual intolerance).

It makes sense to adjust your preferences depending on the current time of the year .

In the sunny months, it is not necessary to use products containing citrus oils and acids. They increase the effect of radiation on the hair, which is why not only does the pigment burn out, but the structure itself literally melts.

In winter, there are no such serious limitations, but because of the general hypovitaminosis, the importance of nutritional and vitamin ingredients in hair products increases.
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Potential damage and precautions

The main danger of using clarifying oil is in the manifestation of the allergic reaction of .

Precautions when applying clarifying hair oils

Also negative effects can be manifested in the form of burned hair, dandruff, heterogeneous color and complete lack of results.

To avoid them, it is enough to follow simple rules:

  • is obligatory to conduct a test for susceptibility, applying oil for 15-20 minutes on a small area of ​​skin;
  • do not use the product on previously stained or chemically curled strands;
  • strictly observe the proportions and permissible% oxidant;
  • does not attempt to change the natural pigment of too dark hair in this way;
  • clearly withstand the time specified in the instruction( for the first time it is better to be safe and only stand a few minutes, and afterwards to increase the time, if necessary);
  • should not be used for laying high-temperature appliances( iron, hair dryer, curling iron, etc.) on the first day of staining.
Harm from the oil clarification procedure is highly subjective. If you initially take into account all important aspects, the risk of its occurrence is reduced to zero.

Hair after oil decolorization can not be distinguished from the natural: it retains a healthy shine and an individual natural "pattern".

The absence of special care and discomfort compensates for all monetary and time costs for staining. And the fact that the result is saved for a long time makes this method almost ideal.