Perhaps every needlewoman has its little tricks and secrets. Let's get acquainted with some of them, which facilitate knitting and grooming of knitted products.

  • The most horrible and tedious business for most knitters is knotting, because they are always untied. That they were stronger, you can use glue Moment-gel. As soon as it dries, it becomes absolutely invisible and therefore will not scratch the skin.
  • If the product starts from natural wool, it should be soaked with water and put into a freezer for 12 hours.
  • When you dissolve the already connected product, the thread is wrinkled. To fix the bruising, put the tangle in a colander and put it on top of a pot of boiling water. The thread will become even again. When reeling the tangle, the thread should go freely, and not tight.
  • Store threads in a dust-free place.
  • Before you start knitting a large product, you need to tie a small sample. Then it needs to be washed and stripped. So you can avoid surprises in the future.
  • When choosing yarn, be sure to look at its composition. Choose according to who will be associated with the product, adult or child. If for the baby, the best option is hypoallergenic thread.
  • If knitting with a knitting needle was missed, you need to take the hook and put it in place.
  • When knitting clothes, carefully take measurements so that later there are no problems with the size.
  • If there is an empty bottle of perfume that you like, do not throw it away, but put it in the locker where the yarn is lying. She will soak up your favorite smell.
  • If you need to knit in two strands, then the second one must be pulled out from the middle of the tangle.
  • Often the ball is rolled away, the strings are tangled. To prevent this, take an ordinary brewer, put a ball in it and pull the thread through the spout.
  • Once you have finished knitting a stole or a shawl, fix the product for the night under the press. So, it will get the right shape.
  • Hook is best to choose the most convenient, considering how you knit. For example, there are hooks with or without a handle.
  • When knitting with black yarn, place a white cloth on your knees. So you will protect your eyes from excessive tension and you will see well the loops.

We hope that these little tricks will help make the process of knitting easy and enjoyable.