If you are growing a small fashionista, take the time to do needlework and prepare a wonderful gift for her.
To make bright summer hairpins for girls with your hands on our master class, you will spend a couple of hours and quite a bit of money. Such accessories can be made not only for their children, but also as a present to relatives, friends, girlfriends of their daughter. The technique is simple and ideal for beginners.
  1. Preparation of materials and tools for
  2. How to make hairpins for girls with their own hands

Preparing materials and tools for

One cherry hair clip needs:

  • a ribbon with a cherry ornament - 6 pieces of 2.5 * 9 cm;
  • red satin ribbon - 6 pieces of 2.5 * 9 cm;
  • openwork ribbon texture "rhombus" or green mesh - 6 pieces 2,5 * 9 cm;
  • white satin ribbon - 9 squares 2.5 * 2.5 cm;
  • green satin ribbon - 6 pieces of 0.5 * 4 cm;
  • white felt - a circle with a diameter of 1.5 cm;
  • green felt - circle with a diameter of 4 cm;
  • scarlet center-cherry( sold i
    n shops for needlework and in the department of accessories for seamstresses);
  • steel clip length 7.5 cm.

To make hair clips for the girl from the tapes with your own hands, also prepare a needle, thread, lighter or soldering iron. Do not forget about precautions and safety for children, working with fire and hot tools. Of course, you can take other colors. For example, choose a strawberry decor by picking up suitable materials.

How to make hairpins for girls with their own hands

The hairpin is decorated with two-layered flowers from a wide ribbon of 2.5 cm of different texture. Cut three kinds of ribbons of the same length: a reps with a cherry pattern, a satin red and a satin net.

Align along the mesh and the red tape. These two colors and two different textures will beautifully blend, so as a result, you will get an unusual two-layer and two-color strip. Finish the ends of the segments, or solder, touching for a moment the flame of the lighter.

Beginners, practice on small pieces of cloth, so as not to spoil the material for forgery.

Stitch with cherries fold in half and assemble on a string. Thread the needle and thread at the junction of the two opposite ends, make a few stitches, then pass in the same way the second part, the third, and so on.

When all the pieces are strung, tighten the thread, form a flower for the hair clip. Use the thread to match the color of the material.

Make the same flower from the red and green stripes combined together. First, bend each strip in half. Then string ends on the thread into the tone of one of the materials, tighten the knot.

Make sharp Kanzash white petals for the central flower. To make them, use the white squares of 2.5 by 2.5 cm. Fold each square so that you get a triangle, then again so that you get a triangle twice as small as the previous one. The resulting triangle is turned into a sharp petal, closing two sharp corners.

Collect nine white details on the thread and prepare the cabochon-seredinku-cherry. If you have a button for decorating the hairpins for a girl, then its leg should be cut off from the back.

From a thin green strip 0.5 * 4 cm, make droplets of unusual angular shape and in the form of leaves, glue them on a felt base of 1.5 cm. Fold each strip in the form of a tent. Cut out the felt circle.

On a white felt circle of 1.5 cm, first glue three green leaves, and then - the other three in staggered order, on top of a white flower, glue the cherries to decorate the hairpins for the little girl.

Glue two large flowers together. The top layer( white rep-colored with cherries) is shifted relative to the lower one( red-green).

Prepare for the assembly of a bow a felt circle of green color 4 cm, as well as a steel clip-crocodile.

Glue the crocodile clip in the back. You can attach a hair elastic.

Top on the bows glue flower center. The finished barrette will be about 9 cm in diameter and will be perfect for a girl with long hair.

Following the master class, make of the tapes the second same bright pin for the girl with your own hands. And be sure to find the opportunity to please the daughter with ribbons of ribbons and charming rubber bands. Such little things are pleasant to do and happy to wear! Experiment with flowers to get an exclusive version of the hairpin.

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